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    Turkestan elm (Ulmus pumila celer) :  
grows quickly (3 m (10 ft.) in 2 years)  
excellent shading ability  
low maintenance  
high dust insulation capacity  
noise reduction capacity  
    adjustable growing  

A deciduous, bright green, small bright leafed plant which forms a dense hedge.

  Hedge plant:  
An extremely resistant , undemanding variety, as a matter of fact it is satisfied with any type of soil.
In order to get an intensive growth it is necessary regularly irrigation.
After it had reached the desired size of hedge it requires little amount of water and its growth becomes slower. It is an ideal plant for a hedge.
It is able to grow even 1, 20 - 1, 80 (4-6 ft.) meters per year while forms an abundant bush. Its height can reach even 5 meters ( 16 ft.). A regular hedge with a height of a fence can be reached within 1, 5 (5 ft.) - 2 years .
Due to its tiny leaves any spatial forms can be shaped from it


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